Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Public Space Project - Phase I

Objective: Observe a public space for 24 hours. Document it. Identify the groups appear in that space and how they interact among one another.

Location: Pier 45, New York - Space in front of the restroom

Time schedule of observation:
Oct 15 (Wed.): 2pm - 8pm
Oct 17 (Fri.): 10am - 4pm
Oct 18 (Sat.): 10am - 5pm
Oct 19 (Sun.): 10am - 4pm

It was very cold and windy on Saturday and Sunday... cold but sunny. I went there on Friday morning and on Sunday afternoon. Most of the people appear on Friday morning were mostly old people, elderly couples,college students, and the ones who's schedules are flexible so they would be able to go to the pier during office hours.

The main activities on the pier include walking, running, biking, dog walking. People go to the pier to get away from home, do some outdoor activities, relax. The weather will be the key factor that determines the flow of people appear in our chosen space.

Main Groups identified:
- The ones that hurry:
runners, cyclists
- The ones that take their time:
dog walkers, couples, elderlies, families
- The ones that chill:
people who hang around in that space (visitors, people who take break, people who wait for others...)

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