Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mini Project - Object

What is the social consequences of online interpersonal communications and social networking?

1. The communications through IM, blog, or social networking sites are not as immediate as traditional communication methods, such as telephone.
2. Not every one is online. Even the internet users are not necessarily doing social activities online.

1. "Sense in Communication" by Dauglas Galbi
ense of presence in communication: face-to-face > telephone > IM/text based > social networking sites
2. "Generational Differences in Online Activities" by Pew Research Center
Teens and Generation Y find entertainment and social networks online. Older generations use the internet as a tool for research, shopping, and online banking.

Project Concept
Create an object that functions offline, and should be sustainable as a social tool which will stand the test of time.

Project Description
Be-In-Touch is a customizable cell phone reminder, which reminds people to get in touch with their contacts by making phone calls. Users can specify how long they want to keep in touch with each contact by modifying the "be-in-touch" length (in days) in the edit contact mode.

The target group of this project is Generation Y (age 18 - 32). The reasons for this is that Gen Y has the highest percentage of population doing social activities online. Therefore, this group of people has the greatest need of this application.

1. Facebook Birthday Reminder - same concept of giving people an opportunity to get in touch with their friends/families by reminding them to do so.
2. Cell phone Event Calendar Reminder - same technology
3. Pictogram - use simple graphics to represent the idea --> important in designing user interface

User Scenario
1. specify the "be-in-touch" length (in days) in the contact list
2. cell phone alerts when when user do not contact that person in the specified days


main screen

in contact list

in edit contact mode

done adding the function

the alert screen

the reminder

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molly said...

One of the suggestions from the critic of the presentation was to think about defining the target by online habit instead of by age. I think this is a great point because my whole project was to find a way to reconnect people in offline situation, where the target should be the people who are so used to do the social activities online.