Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Public Space Project - Phase III

Induce indirect interaction with lower barrier to entry

Focus Group:
Bypassers familiar with political figures

Allow writing with political pictures, use white erase board, provide markers

Election was around the corner


I. Conversation between Obama and McCain

Objective: get people fill in the bubbles to form dialog between the two candidates

II. Photoshoped Palin

Objective: See how people's reaction change with a different picture

  • Successful
    • indirect interaction achieved
    • drew attentions
  • Analysis
    • Females are more responsive
    • Content matters
      • Palin's photoshoped photo speaks for itself -> hard to get new messages written
    • Dry erase board limits interaction
      • shorten the time people gather around the board
      • some people hesitated before erasing others' message

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